How To Host A Successful Party

Fun – Friends – Fundraising

Hosting a Massages For Charity International party in your home may be just what you and your friends need!


  1.  Do you have a favorite charity you would like to donate to?
  2. Would you like a relaxing evening with your friends?
  3. Could you use a FREE  massage to help deal with the stress of your day?
It’s easy!
Simply pick a date for your party, invite your friends over to receive a half hour massage for $50 and one of our skilled massage therapists does the rest! You just relax and visit!

Who are your most stressed friends and family members? Think of it as giving the people you care about most a mini vacation while also helping a worthy cause!

Massage cats

Contact Massages for Charity  708-449-0849 to see which one of the dates that works best for you is also available for the therapist.