How Much Can A Party Raise

 A Fundraisng Massage Party can raise a  minimum of $200   OR . . . . .

        by simply adding a some features and making a few inquiries you can turn that $200 into much more!


Fundraising Money Tree

 1)  Does the company you work for offer a “matching program”?    – Simply ask your Human Resource Department and they will let you know. Many companies will match the same dollar amount that an employee is going to donate to a charity. There will be some papers your company will give you to fill out and you can turn the $200 raised at your party into $400 in the same 4 hour event.

2)  Perhaps your spouse works for a company with a matching program.  – Our favorite example of this was a host who said she had 9 friends that all wanted 1 hour massage appointments. Each friend paid $100, in which 50% went to the charity and the other 50% paid the massage therapist, therefore raising $450 for her charity of choice. The company her husband worked for matched the amount she raised – giving her $900 for one day of hosting a massage party for her friends in her home!

3)  Create a raffle – Have a donated item (gift certificate or gift basket- some party hosts get local businesses to donate items) and ask for $5.00 a ticket and the winner gets the item and you keep the extra money toward your fundraising goal.

4) Invite other vendors – Some party hosts have invited a chocolatier to their party to set up while friends are waiting for the massage. Others have handmade greeting cards and bath fizz items for sale throughout their party. Although the massages are the actual draw and the main draw, a little addition helps.

5) A Donation Jar by the refreshment table – Remember to invite as many people that you can think of and even if someone says they do not want a massage, let them know it is a party and you would love it if they simply stopped by for a drink or a snack. With a simple donation jar at the table, you may find you raise an additional $50 – $100.

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