Jen Parish-Breast Cancer Walk

Avon breast cancer walk

The Avon breast cancer walk has been an annual event for me to honor a dear friend and I raised a total  of $750  by hosting only 2 massage parties!

This has become my most favorite charity fundraising event ever!  I mean, what’s better than  getting together with friends, getting a great massage, getting to relax, and celebrating life all at the same time!  I mean it’s win/win for everybody!

I’ve been doing this walk in Chicago now for over eight years and  started doing it to honor my friend  Dawn Remorgatto, who just passed away this past January. During the 8 years that I’ve been walking for her and supporting her , she supported me.  Now she’s really supporting me doing this walk…. on a completely different level.

Since the Avon Breast Cancer Walk is a two day event, I thought “Why not have a two day massage party?”  We raised $550! Not the full 48 hours or anything …that’d be a little crazy but…went ahead and a nice shorter party on Friday night…just a few people after work, to get nice and relaxed. Then the next day did a full day event and we made it a mini spa day, so when you came out of your massage, we you could get a manicure,  nothing too fancy but it you felt very girly and pampered.  You just had your massage, got your nails done and got to chill out for a few hours….it was a great great event!

Then a friend hosted the second party for me in her home since her Mom is a breast cancer survivor and we raised another $200 at that party! It’s the easiest fundraiser to do!  I highly recommend that everyone these parties to raise funds for any walk or run they are doing!

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